Why is it called Big Feasty?

Because we have taken our classic and loved Feasty Fest and made it bigger, literally! We still have the same formula at heart from our traditional festival, but have scaled up in order to allow more feasters onto site.

Is this event COVID safe?

We take every feaster personal safety very seriously, when it comes to COVID management we will comply with the latest government guidance.

Is there seating?

Yes, there is plenty of seating available throughout the site especially in the Grub Hub area of the festival. If you plan on sitting in the main stage area though to be as close to the music and action as possible, we recommend bringing your own seating or picnic blanket to make yourself more comfortable.

Is there car parking?

Yes, please see our ‘Getting Here’ information.

Will I need cash?

There are no cashpoints on site and all our stands are predominantly card only with vendors providing a card payment option also, therefore we do not recommend bringing large amounts of cash on site.

What if I have a food allergy?

We have a broad selection of food vendors and market stalls selling a plethora of hot and cold foods, please make any allergies known to them when purchasing produce or food and they will be able to assist you so you can enjoy what they have to offer safely.

What if I eat vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian food?

Big Feasty will provide the largest selection of street food vendors and market sellers we’ve ever had before, which is why we are certain there is something for everyone to try and feed their feasty with.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Big Feasty will have a huge selection of food and drink available for you so bringing food or alcohol onto site is prohibited. However, for young children including babies, we understand parents may wish to bring snacks for young children and jarred baby food to site and this is permitted.

Can I bring my pet?

Of course you can! We love seeing your pets enjoy the festival as much as you guys show it too. All we ask is that you clean up any mess they may make at our site, and make sure your dog, cat, parrot, armadillo, or dragon are always kept on a lead on the festival site.

Is the music family friendly?

All the acts are brought in with the eye for them being family friendly, we want everyone of all ages to come and enjoy our festival and the music it has to offer.

Is there a map for the event and running time for the main stage?

Upon your arrival to the site there will be QR codes located at the car park, entrance points for bus and taxi’s, ticket gates, and across the Big Feasty site. Please scan this QR code with your mobile device and it will present you with a detailed digital map, plus information on the main stage line up and running times.

Who do I contact about lost property?

On site there is a control room with Big Feasty staff manning it all day, alternatively across the site staff will be recognisable via their branded polo and/or jumper. Please reach out to any of these staff members who will do their best to help you relocate your property. After the event is over if you realise you are missing something, please fill in the contact form on our website.